A Recruiter Myth- followed by some advice!

There is a myth about Recruiters that a large number of the population is walking around with! So many people think that the mere act of sending a recruiter your resume means they are now out there searching for a job for you. I wish this was true, I wish I could give people that kind of hope! The fact is, that Recruiters get jobs and we have to find people who fit. I want it to be you, I truly do, but sometimes it isn’t. I know you can learn it, I know you are trainable, I know you CAN DO anything! But unfortunately my hiring manager really wants someone who already knows it and has already done it.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is:

  •  I can be on the lookout for you.
  • I can tell you what to change in your resume.
  • I can advise you to make looking for a job a full-time job.
  • Get on LinkedIn, get on Twitter, use you Network.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and start discussions, comment on other’s discussions basically get your name out there!
  • Change your screen name to “John Doe jdoe@hotmail.com  .NET Developer look for next opportunity”. I now know who you are, what you do, that you are interested in talking about opportunities, and how to get in touch with you.
  • Check your junk e-mail everyday. You would be surprised how many job leads and recruiter e-mails are being sent to you and going directly to junk.
  • Remember to edit your resume out on the boards once a month (if you don’t do this you will not come up in my searches) I sure wish I had known this when I was looking for work years ago!
  • Put your phone number and e-mail address on your resume
  • Check in with me once every couple of weeks by sending me an e-mail with your resume attached. Yes I know we are like “best friends” and I should remember exactly who you are and what you do and what you are looking to do next, but sometimes I don’t, I am sorry I know I am flawed, and I really, really want you to get your IDEAL role, so help me to do that!
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About katherinenoto

I am originally from NY and spent the beginning of my career working as an IT Project Manager and Asset Manager. I unfortunately was laid off and had to make some tough decisions about what I wanted to do next. I decided I wanted to get into Human Resources and recruiting so I could help out other people in my situation. It was truly the best decision I have ever made! That was 2 years ago in Novemeber of 2009 and I have been thrilled to come to work everyday since!

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