Do you accept a counter-offer?

Would you accept a counter-offer?   You need to answer this even before you start interviewing elsewhere.    But please note:  Most people are interviewing for a reason.    So think about it – why are you looking for another job?

The Best Advice I can give is to Google the words “Counter Offer.”   You need to read all of the literature out there.   First, read the articles and blogs about accepting it.   Next, read the percentages of you staying with that company, if you do accept it.   Finally, read the Pros and the Cons.

Accepting a new job is a life decision and I will not push you to do it.   I will give you all of the means so you can make the right decision for you and your family.   Go and Google “Counter Offer” and see what you find.

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About Bruce Rowles

Bruce Rowles is a recruiting professional. He has over 13 years of recruiting experience across a variety of industries and geographies, but mostly focus on the Ohio and Pittsburgh Areas. Bruce started with Experis formerly Manpower Professional in 2009, focusing on professional markets including Engineering, Scientific and other business professional fields. Bruce acts a partner and trusted advisor to both his candidates and his clients alike guiding them through the hiring process. Bruce has established professional networking groups for recruiters both locally and nationally. Locally, he has helped create the Columbus Recruiters Exchange where local recruiters can share best practices and top talent. And in 2008, Bruce created and founded the Recruiter website –, a social website, geared towards recruiters to network with other recruiters. Bruce earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Slippery Rock University.

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