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How moving to another country helped me be a better sourcer…

When I moved from Chile to the US, I could read and write in English, but speaking… well that was a different story all together. Any time you learn a foreign language, there is a lot of emphasis in the written word and being able to read, but not enough in the being able to speak part. My first year in the US was my last year of High School! Scary enough about moving in your senior year, but imagine that you know nobody, you really can’t communicate with anybody and the culture is totally foreign to you!
So I had to learn, and learn fast. I took my dictionary everywhere (this WAS before laptops) and I had to practice with whoever would not laugh at me! In about 6 months I was ready to converse and able to know enough to even get a job.
How does this relate to sourcing? In many ways, sourcing is all about understanding and being able to do research and find people who match the skills you are looking for. Once you find someone, it’s all about how that particular person can fit in the role. If you are sourcing on a position that you don’t really understand, you have to investigate and get clear understanding and sometimes that can take time. Sourcing for Niche positions can be very tiring and tedious sometimes, you have to get creative, think outside the box, figure out how to get your find those people that aren’t on the job boards and so on.
Having to work hard and fast at being able to communicate in English and learn the culture has helped me in many ways in my life and career, but now that I have to always be looking for people, and figure out if they are really a great fit for the jobs I have, going through that experience helps me on a daily basis to stay focused on the end goal which is ultimately being able to put people to work!

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