11 Reasons the grass is not always greener…

Have you ever heard the saying – “The grass is not always greener”?   Basically I think this means – look at what you have before you jump into something new.

Are you looking for a new job or career path?   Before you start searching, you should first ask yourself:  What do you currently have?  What are some tangible and intangible reasons on what is positive about your current job?    What are some items that might not be available at your new job?  If you want to leave for more money, my advice is:  Salary should not be the only item.


11 Positive Items about your current job to consider (no specific order):

  1. Do you have cheaper insurance premiums?
  2. Current location is closer to home?
  3. Flexibility in hours?
  4. A good 401k match and retirement plan?
  5. Good working relationship with your co-workers and/or boss?
  6. Promotion and career opportunities?
  7. Do you love what you’re doing?
  8. Company outings and trips?
  9. Bonuses/profit-sharing?
  10. Do you have tenure?
  11. Does your job offer you the ability to sustain a good quality of life?

If you are truly unhappy and want to find another job – Good luck and I wish you the best in your career.   If I can help you, as a recruiter, find your Dream Job then I want to do that.  I enjoy helping candidates find their next job and career. 

Please consider the grass and where you are standing before you start your search.   Do not waste the company’s time, your time or mine – if you have not thought it through.    Also if you do get another offer – now you get to think about the “Counter-Offer.”  



Do you accept a counter-offer?

Would you accept a counter-offer?   You need to answer this even before you start interviewing elsewhere.    But please note:  Most people are interviewing for a reason.    So think about it – why are you looking for another job?

The Best Advice I can give is to Google the words “Counter Offer.”   You need to read all of the literature out there.   First, read the articles and blogs about accepting it.   Next, read the percentages of you staying with that company, if you do accept it.   Finally, read the Pros and the Cons.

Accepting a new job is a life decision and I will not push you to do it.   I will give you all of the means so you can make the right decision for you and your family.   Go and Google “Counter Offer” and see what you find.