JobSeekers: Be prepared. That next phone call could be me…

Job Seekers – Did you know that the first conversation I have with you is probably the most important?     This is where I do my initial screening in and decide whether we are going to continue our conversations.   If you are looking for a new career or job, then be ready for that phone to ring.   You never know when the person on the other line is a Recruiter trying to contact you about a job.  You should:

  • Be Professional
  • Not use slang or profanity
  • Not talk bad about a past employer, manager or co-worker
  • Answer the phone in a professional manner
  • Be honest
  • Show enthusiasm and excitement
  • Drop what you are doing and make this call a priority.   If you can’t, then apologize and ask when is a good time for you to call the recruiter back. (within 24 hours)
  • Print off the jobs you have applied for and be ready for a call.  
  • Have a professional voicemail message and email id.  (NOT:  Yo, you reached Smitty leave a message and I’ll call ya back.)

Reminder:  As recruiters we talk to candidates all day long and we are on the phone all day.    We have goals and SLAs we need to meet.   Our time is also precious.    Let’s make the first conversation count.   Impress me!  



Relocating – It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle!!

Positive story….related back to getting the recruiter to take you seriously about moving back to Michigan when you live out-of-state.

I have a consultant coming back to Michigan/his family and starting at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on Monday Feb 13th!!!!! He’s a Mainframe Developer that beat out many candidates for the role. It wasn’t just because of his technical background but also the way he was presented to the client and his positive and enthusiastic demeanor that set him apart from the others….he simply had a great attitude throughout the process. It’s the way your relationship should be with your recruiter. It’s a 2 way street that needs to meet each other’s expectations and be on the same page. Clear and honest communication from the start will get you everywhere, remember we are in business to get you the offer/job!!!

On another note, don’t forget you have one (1) chance to make a first impression with our clients. That comes from what we(recruiters) are telling our clients about you i.e.: why you are a fit and how you presented yourself in person when we met and so on plus YOUR RESUME. Take the time to work with the recruiter on what needs to be in your resume because if those buzz words aren’t literally in your resume you will sometimes get passed over. But never, ever misrepresent yourself. Good luck to those aggressively and passively looking.

Feel free to take a look at my current opportunities at I am in Southfield, Mi if you would like to meet and discuss what you are looking for in your next role. Have a productive and fun day! 248.226.1366