How to Embed Your Tweets – the New Twitter

Did you hear the News, On Thursday December 8th, 2011 – they released a new Twitter (a redesign).  I did read somewhere they are releasing it to the masses and everyone should have the new release within a month or so.   I came in this morning, logged in and VOILA – I had the new design.

Most exciting is the ability to embed your tweets.   What does embed mean?    This will allow you to copy and paste the HTML code into a blog or website.   (see example of embedded tweet at bottom of this post).   You can include the tweet directly into a third-party site.    This will also give you the same functionality as a normal tweet.

Steps to Embed your Tweet:

  1. Make sure you have the NEW Twitter Redesign
  2. Click on your Name (It should be highlighted and in the upper left hand column).  It is next to your avatar.   This should take you to your profile page.   Once on your profile page, you will see your Bio. on top of the page, your tweets to the right and the list of folders on the left.
  3. Next open the Tweet you wish to Embed by clicking on Open, on that tweet.   This will expand the tweet – giving you more options to do with it.
  4. After the tweet is opened – you should see the link, near the bottom of the tweet – that says Details.   Click on that.
  5. Now the only thing on your webpage should be that tweet.
  6. You will see a new link at the bottom of that tweet – Embed this tweet.   click here
  7. You should see the HTML Code.   You can choose how you want it aligned in your site  (left, right or center).
  8. Copy the code and then go to your third party site and paste away.   See below where I posted a tweet and how it looks – VERY COOL.

Twitter and Social Recruiting

Recruiting has evolved and Social Media is here (and has been here for years now – where have you been?).    People ask me all the time – can you find candidates on twitter and the answer is YES.Social Media   Just last month, I placed a candidate on a PERM job and I sourced them from twitter.   


Twitter is also a great tool for broadcasting your opportunities and the jobs you are recruiting for.    Recruiters – do you have job seekers calling you daily or weekly to see if you have any new jobs, for them?   Now tell them to follow you on twitter and that you post all of your current opportunities and jobs there.   Now you have more time to do other duties – like recruiting.


Evolve in your practice and try something new.  Let me Challenge you – try to find candidates using Social Media.   Try something new and see what happens.


There are many resources out there to get started and to show you how to recruit using Social Media.   Go on YouTube, visit blogs – see how people are using it and being successful.    I know I do.   Here is a video I found that may help the Beginner.