The Power of Networking

Why don’t more people NetworkIt boggles my mind, especially in this type of economy – it is not who applies to the job first, BUT who you know and who knows you.    Everyone should get to know their local Recruiters.   You never know when you may need one.

Networking is simple.  It is staying in touch.  It is asking questions to the experts and answering questions.  Most people I have found and was able to hire for my openings, were not from my first conversation but from staying in contact with them and talking to them over time.  Networking is a time commitment – IT IS A RECRUITING COMMITMENT!

An easy way to get started is to first, go to LinkedIn and find groups, in your geographic area or specialty and join them.  Become involved with the local and industry leaders.  If a group does not exist – create one.  Not only have I created the Recruiter Files LinkedIn Group, but I have joined many industry groups (#Hire Friday and Plus I have joined some local groups (Linkedworking Columbus and Network Pittsburgh).   LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups at a time.

Network in your community and your industry – see who you can meet.   Also, review the Social Networking’s Guide for Finding Employment.

One thought on “The Power of Networking

  1. I find there are a couple reasons that people don’t network:

    – Initiating face to face or even electronic dialog does not come easy to them. They are not sure what to say, and afraid of saying the wrong thing. You would think this would not be an issue with Recruiters or Salespeople, but it is. Just like everybody else, they have their comfort zones and are hesitant to extend beyond it.

    – They don’t see it as a necessary part of their job and have managed to have some degree of success without doing it. How many Recruiters and Salespeople do we see that are weak at building networks and prospecting? Way too many. I see Recruiters that don’t reach out to candidates until they have a position to talk about, and Salespeople that sit in their office waiting for the phone to ring with a call from the small circle of clients they have.

    The question is how to overcome these fears and perceptions. Certainly, there are many tools, web sites, professional groups, etc. that make it so much easier to network and be connected. Tools like LinkedIn are available to everyone. But, people still don’t leverage these resources.

    So, the next topic for The Recruiter Files should be “If You Are Not Happy With Your Results, What Is Holding You Back From Change?”.