Why Not a Contract Job?

The economy is still tough and there are not as many jobs out there for all of the unemployed workers. Yet, every day I speak to unemployed Individuals who are not interested in working a contract job. Why? They tell me they are only interested in a PERM / Direct Hire Position’s. But Why? Why not a contract job?

  1. You can gain experience, in a new industry or environment by working in a contract job.
  2. Working a contract job is still better than not working.
  3. Companies are hiring contractors to work on projects.
  4. Companies will hire a known commodity over a new person – working a contract will get you in the door.
  5. Some companies have hiring freezes – but can still hire contractors.
  6. Yes – some contracting companies offer benefits.
  7. Working contract does not look bad on your resume – It shows you are working and may gain you the extra experience for another role/opportunity.
  8. When on a contract – EVERY DAY IS AN INTERVIEW. You never know what other job, in that department or another one, may come available.
  9. You will meet New Hiring Managers, who may be able to give you a reference for other future opportunities.

If you find yourself looking for work, ask yourself…”Why not a contract job?”

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Bruce Rowles is a recruiting professional. He has over 13 years of recruiting experience across a variety of industries and geographies, but mostly focus on the Ohio and Pittsburgh Areas. Bruce started with Experis formerly Manpower Professional in 2009, focusing on professional markets including Engineering, Scientific and other business professional fields. Bruce acts a partner and trusted advisor to both his candidates and his clients alike guiding them through the hiring process. Bruce has established professional networking groups for recruiters both locally and nationally. Locally, he has helped create the Columbus Recruiters Exchange where local recruiters can share best practices and top talent. And in 2008, Bruce created and founded the Recruiter website – www.recruiter-talk.com, a social website, geared towards recruiters to network with other recruiters. Bruce earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Slippery Rock University.